Torne Mountain/Osio Rock Loop from Otter Hole

Norvin Green State Forest

West-facing view from Torne Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin West-facing view from Torne Mountain - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop climbs to the summits of Torne Mountain and Osio Rock, with excellent views.

41.045837, -74.350383

This rugged, figure-eight double-loop hike climbs two peaks at the southern end of Norvin Green State Forest – Torne Mountain and Osio Rock. Although it is less than three miles long, the hike may seem somewhat longer, as it involves considerable ups and downs on rocky trails.

At the eastern end of the parking area, at the sign “Welcome to Bloomingdale,” cross Glenwild Avenue. On the...

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August 05, 2023
Short Hike with Many Views and Varied Terrain
I returned to this hike for a second time on an early Sunday afternoon in late July 2023. I agree with the positive descriptions from previous reviewers - this hike's challenge are the short and somewhat steep sections with rugged and rocky footing. I enjoyed not only the many outlooks and vistas along the loop, but also the changing nature of the terrain and surrounding woods. There is a bypass option along the way, and this time I took the less steep and rocky option. This narrow footpath seemed to be minimally traveled and was almost obscured at points by lush grasses thanks to the recent heavy rains. The figure-eight loop is well blazed with only a few exceptions where I wandered off on unblazed spur trails. I also found that the crossings were good markers of progress along the way. I completed the hike in less than two hours, stopping for only a few minutes at the significant viewpoints. One key point worth mentioning: This hike is also readily accessible from the next parking area to the west along Glenwild Road (the one with the West Milford welcome sign). You can start on the red Torne Trail and turn right onto the blue Hewitt-Butler trail to continue with the hike description. The advantage of this starting point is more available parking on both sides of the road. I rated this as a 5-Star hike based on easy parking access, a nice variety of terrain and challenge. A great shorter loop when time is limited.
January 12, 2020
Especially nice when leaves are down and no ice
Great short hike with classic skyline views, especially when the leaves are down. I like going the opposite direction (red Torne Trail first), which gets the most boring part of the hike over first, followed by the best views (Osio Rock), followed by the most numerous views (Torne Mountain). Whichever way you go, look from one peak to the other, noting that you will be climbing that one next, and then noting that you already climbed the other one. Enjoy.
August 29, 2019
Torne mountain - Osio Rock
Altogether one of our best hikes. It is challenging: not in terms of gradients, but clambering over unstable rocks, finding the right balance points, and stretching for the next footing. Hiking poles were very helpful, but at rare moments had to be dropped in favor of clambering with hands or tush. During the twenty years following my first hip replacement I was forbidden bending the hip more acutely than 90 degrees - this hike would have been impossible: after my more modern replacement I don't have that restriction. Whoopee !! The terrain and vegetation are very varied and interesting: there's something to appreciate at every turn, and particularly arriving at an open vista at Osio peak - the perfect time for a rest. The newly demarcated trail signs are very clear and unambiguous. Suggestion: the trail description should give approximate distances at each stage. We really need to know how far we still have to go, to pace ourselves; especially when the sun is sinking in heavy forest shade.
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