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I'm looking for full season cross country ski rental in NJ. I have no issue with mail order but prefer local to North Jersey. Will consider any suggestion. Thanks I need two pairs for adults's picture

Gregory Palisades 80.  Mens, 5370 cu in, Internal Frame, precurved hipbelt and harness, hydration sleeve,fully adjustable, 7 exterior pockets, used 4X on AT section hikes, great pack.  Bob Randhare 845-753-9348.  $75
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Does anyone have any recommendations about where to rent snowshoes for a group (~12) in either LI or Harriman SP areas? Thanks.
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I have a 1 person Eureka backcountry, and it fits very nicely in a drybag that I bought (sorry, gearheads) Walmart. It was the largest one in a pack of three and the price beat the pants off of any of the designer gear. It works fine for weekend stuff (no pun intended) that I do. The other two bags hold clothes and they're working just fine too.
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Go to Campmor or Ramsey Outdoors and you'll finds stuff sacks in many sizes.  
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I have an old (90's era) Eureka backcountry 2 person tent that's still going strong but whose stuffsack seems to be wearing out. The drawstring won't draw -- it sticks on the cloth of the sack. Anything I can do to fix the problem? Or a good tent-sized replacement stuffsack you can recommend?   Thanks, Dave
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My current pack, a Mountainsmith Boundary, is nearing the end of it's life and I'm in the market for a new pack.  The features I'd like are......... External pockets to hold 2 water bottles (1 quart Gatoraide bottles) An internal pocket to hold things like wallet and keys About 4500 cubic inches and able to carry up to 45 pounds Straps to lash my tent to the outside And of course comfortable to wear ( I realize that is subjective)   I'd appreciate any suggestions you folks can offer.
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Just thought I'd update this.  I finally bought a Gregory Baltoro 75 pack. Two words describe this pack, huge + comfortanble. The size will be useful for winter loads where I sometimes am carrying 3 sleeping bags, and comfortable, well I think that's self explanitory.  
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Try out all osprey packs, but for your criteria, the osprey aether 70.
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A few weeks ago, I got to try out NYNJTC's new Digital Maps for the iPhone and iPad on an overnight hike in Harriman State Park. I really like the app, and I found the maps with GPS to be very useful. Read the review here:
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40 days of Dehydrated Food Hello!  For two months I have been organizing a Long Path thru hike. I bought a  lot of dehydrated food; unfortunately, due to job issues I can’t do this hike. In total I spent over $250.00 dollars, but I am willing to sell it for half the price or best offer.  Everything is sealed and in perfect condition, with varied foods and brands of food like: (Packit Gourmet, Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry ).  The 40 days of food include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and energy bars “Mojo” and more. If you are interested, please send me and email.   Thank you and happy Trail. Alex
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I just found this post, and I don't know how well you made out with moving this food. But I wanted to mention that freeze dried stuff lasts forever...well close to it. I have actually had Mountain House eggs that were about twenty years old for breakfast with no ill-effects at all. There was a bit of oil separation when I first hydrated them, but it was good. So don't throw it away!
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Can anyone recommend a good UTM coordinate/protractor tool and where to purchase it? The scale of the North Jersey maps (1:40000) is not a common one found on UTM tools. The closest I've found is a tool designed for the NatGeo Trails Illustrated maps with a scale of 1:40680 and 1:24000.
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The scales of our maps vary greatly due to factors that don't focus as much on the standard map scales.  As such, I don't currently know of any commercially-available UTM grid overlays that work with some of our less-popular map scales, including the North Jersey maps.  I do know that a few map-users have approached me with their makeshift solutions of producing their own overlays by using the scalebar in the map legend, achieving 50m accuracy or better in some cases.  While this certainly is not as accurate as a UTM grid overlay, it can help pinpoint locations in most cases.   ~Jeremy, TC Cartographer
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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the dog section, but here I am. We're looking for new booties for our dog to protect her feet. The set we had got torn up during a recent traverse of the Presidential range in New Hampshire's White Mountains. While they protected her feet from all the rocks they held in the heat and her feet got very warm. We're wondering if anyone knows of any dog booties that have a tough surface for under the foot and a ventilated fabric for the top part of the boot. Thanks for any info you can share with us.
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My dog is a Catskill 35er and he recommends Mushers Secret paw wax.
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I have hiked my dogs for years and they don't require booties which are designed to make their humans feel better while taking their money. 
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I would leave it here and post it in the dog section too!
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If the tent is for one person I'm going to recommend the Rainbow made by I've got one and it's everything you want in a tent, almost. It's roomy and you can sit up in it, it's light weight and packs pretty small, and it does a good job of keeping out the weather and the bugs. All single wall tents made of silnylon have some issues, but I believe the pros out weigh the cons. Check it out at as well as their other models of tents too. And just in case you're wondering, I have no connection to the company other than as a customer.
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I disagree. I find Tarptents to be flimsy, delicate, they have misting isuues in th rain, condensation is a big issue, over priced and a real pain to pitch properly. I've tried them before and find them a waste of time and money. There are way better options out there. They may not be as light, but still light, they'll go up better, last longer, keep you drier etc.