Meetup/Ride Share

Going hiking next weekend! Here is a place to tell others where you are going and that you are willing to have others tag along with you. Take appropriate precautions in going with strangers.

The Trail Conference recommends that you keep day use party size under 25 and overnight use under 10. Some hiking area have stronger restrictions and may require permits for group use.

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I do realize that I am a bit late for this post, I figured that this information could help anyone.We use this Taxi service when hiking in the cental to northern sections of the Catskills in Ulster and Greene Counties. Smiley's Taxi Tannersville 518-589-6533
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I'm planning on doing a lot of day hiking in the Hudson Valley - Storm King, Breakneck Ridge, and a number of others. Looking for a hiking partner from the central Jersey area. To discuss give Ralph Netta a call at 908-472-8023
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Not from central NJ but live in Walden, NY about 20 miles from Breakneck. Been here 3 months. Hiked Bull Hill, around the Cornish Estate and to the flagpole at Breakneck Ridge. Would like to do more in the Highlands & also acoss the river at Storm King. Bob [email protected]'s picture

I am going to be in the Lake George area next week. Does any one want to join me on a hike up this mountain. BT Week of July 12 to 16.