Nurian Trail in Harriman: Bridge Closed; Parking Difficult

October 01, 2009
John Mack


Nurian Trail in Harriman: Bridge Closed; Parking Difficult


Update: Bridge is passable.

As of late September, the bridge over the Ramapo River, between Route 17 and the Southfields Pedestrian Bridge over the NY State Thruway, was impassable. Watch our website for news of the bridge reopening.

Also on the Nurian Trial, of the two low bridges across Stahahe Brook, the more eastern one had collapsed and Trail Conference volunteers have removed it; at this time the park is unable to provide materials to replace it. The almost adjacent western bridge has sagged but is currently crossable though slippery. Both stream crossings are quite easily achieved without use of the bridges.

Parking Note: Parking is not allowed at the defunct Red Apple Rest or on surrounding private property. Parking is available about 0.8-mile northwest of Route 17 on Hall Drive from Orange Turnpike, but would entail a road walk. Parking should also be allowable at the Southfields Post Office during hours that it is not open--but never in the adjacent privately owned lot. The difficulty of parking in this location may also affect hikers who would otherwise plan to connect with other trails, such as the Stahahe Brook, White Bar, and Dunning Trails.