Stewards to Begin Work Protecting the Croton River

November 07, 2019
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Stewards to Begin Work Protecting the Croton River
Trail Conference Stewards will be stationed at Croton River Unique Area to help visitors and protect the ecosystem.


New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Conservation Corps Stewards will be working to protect the sensitive ecosystems along the riverbanks of the Croton Gorge Unique Area in the Town of Cortlandt, N.Y. this coming season. Since 2013, Trail Conference Stewards have been educating trail users on the responsible use of parks and trails at the region’s most popular outdoor destinations. Stewards also seek to inspire a deeper appreciation for the care that natural areas require.

In their first season at Croton Gorge, Stewards will engage and educate visitors on Leave No Trace principles as well as the area’s rules and regulations in regards to trash, parking, music, the making of fires, and the use of alcohol. The program will begin in late May 2020 and run through Columbus Day weekend. Three uniformed Stewards will be stationed at the trailhead and parking area along the Old Croton Aqueduct State Park, adjacent to the trailhead to the DEC Unique Area. On weekends and holidays, one Steward will remain at the parking area while two Stewards will educate and interact with visitors along the Croton River.

Training will begin in May and include an introduction to outdoor education, rules, and regulations, prohibited activities, how to interact and connect with visitors, natural resource protection, Leave No Trace principles, data collection, maintenance reporting, emergency protocols, and more. The Stewards will be bilingual to engage and educate both English and Spanish-speaking outdoor enthusiasts.

Help protect the land you love by supporting the Croton River Steward program.

Photo credit: Jonathan Nettelfield.