Victory Trail in Harriman Affected by Road Work

October 01, 2009
John Mack


Victory Trail in Harriman Affected by Road Work



That a section of the Victory Trail is a utility road was barely noticeable until recent work that has been reported and questioned by several hikers. Construction of a road accessible to large utility trucks was begun by the park after the utilities advised that without the road development, the lines to park facilities would not be serviced. As of late September, clearing and construction of a widened dirt road over the trail, extending from a short distance north of Lake Skenonto, south to the terminus of the trail, was nearly complete. Culverts have been installed for drainage at some low spots.

The Trail Conference has requested that low spots be filled in and the road and adjoining surfaces be made as neat as reasonable before departing the project. During an early September field trip to the site, the Victory Trail remained blazed adequately to follow.