Winter Road, Parking Closures in Harriman-Bear Mountain

January 06, 2010
John Mack, West Hudson South Trail Chair


Winter Road, Parking Closures in Harriman-Bear Mountain



Though Route 106 in Harrimian State Park is reopened (see news item), we remind trail users that several roads in the Harriman/Bear Mountain Parks regularly are closed in winter. These include Tiorati Brook Road, Lake Welch Drive, and Perkins Memorial Drive. (Winter road closures are identified by bold, black astericks on our trail maps.) These roads were closed on December 1. They are scheduled to be reopened April 1, though inclement weather and road conditions at that time could prompt a delay.

Also currently closed is the south parking lot at the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. Official dates for this closure are not available. Note that many trails remain accessible from the north parking area.

The ramps leading from the Palisades Interstate Parkway to the Recreation Area and back to the Parkway in both directions remain open.