Bash Bish Builders Crew

Bash Bish Builders Crew
Southern Taconics Region
View from the South Taconic Trail on Alander Mountain at Taconic State Park - Photo credit: Michael Schenker

Meeting Place:

Varies with worktrip. Please see upcoming events for more details.

Work Days:





Once a month

About the Bash Bish Builders Crew

Formerly a part of the East Hudson Trail Crew, the Bash Bish Builders Crew restores and builds trails in the South Taconic Region. Work trips are led by Trail Crew Leader Andrew Seirup. To volunteer with the crew, visit our events page or email [email protected]

Where We Work

The Bash Bish Builders primarily work in Taconic State Park.


No experience is necessary and beginners are encouraged to join us! We provide on-site training each worktrip.

Looking to learn a specific skill? Check out our workshop schedule for specialized courses being offered near you!

Learn More

See what our other Trail Crews are working on and learn more about how you can get involved!

Trail Crew Contacts

Trail Crew Leader
Andrew Seirup

Upcoming Work Trips

No upcoming work-trips found here.


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